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Magnetized Water on Kidney Function

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    Michael Galitzer, M.D., President, American Health Institute on Anti-Aging Medicine, Santa Monica, California, Howard Reminick, Ph.D., Yoshitaka Ohno, M.D., Ph.D., Ohno Institute on Water and Health , Willoughby, Ohio (November 1999)


    Water, which makes up over 70% of the body's structure, is the most influential and vital component which provides the body with a mechanism to maintain and restore homeostasis.(1) However, environmental changes have imposed many new pathologic influences, which have overtaxed the body's ability to remain in a state of balance.(2) Among these are toxic drinking water, and soil toxicity and mineral depletion which affect nutritional components in food. 3 The results can be seen in the rise in incidence of chronic, degenerative diseases, which are not successfully treated by conventional medicine.(4,5) In fact, this dilemma has been further compounded by the standard procedure of over-administering medications which present long-term difficulties in the body's ability to maintain its state of balance, or homeostasis.(6,7)

    Alzheimers: Memory Loss Delay

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    Ohno, Y. "Effects of Magnetized Water on Memory Loss Delay in Alzheimer's Disease", Frontier Perspectives, Center for Frontier Sciences, Temple University, Vol 6(2), Spring/Summer, 1997.

    Introduction: Previous studies and experimentation with magnetized water in Russia, China and U.S. have reported improvement in persons with aging-related diseases. Physicians in Japan have been treating chronic illnesses with magnetized water for years and have reported positive results. The author has conducted numerous studies with a magnetized water from Japan with his patients and has reported positive results. Progression of memory loss associated with Alzheimer's may be due to toxicity of medications accumulated in cells, loss of nutrients necessary for neurotransmission, and contaminants found in drinking water, and may be delayed with a daily regimen of magnetized water.

    Abstracts Of Magnetized Water

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  • Galitzer, M. and Reminick, H. "A Study on the Efficacy of a Naturally Magnetized Water on Improving Kidney Function and Cell Stability", Explore! for the Professional, Prescott, AZ, Vol 10:4, 2001.


    Introduction: Among the many functions demanded of water in sustaining the health and stability of a living organism is its role as a solvent, catalyst and transporter. For water to be effective in the body it must be able to hydrate and nourish cells and remove toxins. It must contain properties which react to the body's magnetic field. Water which is naturally formed with magnetic properties and free of any contamination will provide the body with the best opportunity to remain balanced and age more slowly.

    Biomagnet Therapy